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Record Christmas Attendance 

Record-breaking attendance doesn’t just happen, it takes communication… Save endless hours with our instant Christmas service landing page!

Christmas Service

Landing Page 


Allow People To Find You

Your Christmas service is a big deal. You’ve worked hard in preparation and planning. Make sure people know where and when to find you!


Create Clarity

If someone is not a regular churchgoer you will increase their likelihood of attending by creating clarity with an intentionally designed landing page


Effectively Inform

Centralizing all communication around one highly themed landing page will make it easy for people to invite their friends.


Call People To Visit

Often new visitors will need a nudge to take the next step with your church. This landing page is designed to help you do that.  

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Want To Improve Your Christmas Service Attendance? 



Your church website is the primary piece of marketing collateral that your church has. Omega Landing pages are fully optimized for search engines (SEO) allowing potential Christmas visitors to find your church and discover you at the exact moment they need you most!



In today’s fast-moving world of the internet, people make split-second decisions about your church’s likability. According to the data, 90% of that decision is influenced by your design. With Omega landing pages, we have you covered with the most up to date designs regardless of your church size, demographics, age or denomination affiliations.



After people make the split-second decision to like your church based on the design of your website, they have to know they can trust your church! With our landing pages and data-backed designs, you’ll have everything you need to start forging a trusting relationship the moment they hit your Christmas page.



A possible visitor has discovered you, they like you, they trust you, now it’s time for them to engage with you. With Omega’s predesigned “call to action” blocks you can easily lead people desiring to engage with your ministry through the next logical steps you want them to take.

Years Established

Completed Projects

100% Customizable

Have a beautiful, service growing Christmas landing page

Everything you’ll need to personalize your Christmas website design – Customize fonts, colors, and photos in seconds using the powerful Omega block edit technically by Ministry Designs 

No Server Configuration

No technical knowledge required – simply wait for your activation email and then start personalizing.

New Designs Every Year

As design trends change, so can your Christmas landing page. Every year you’ll get access to our new designs.

24/7 Support

Our support is our ministry, and  we take pride in serving our customers better than anyone.

Unlimited Media

Telling your story is essential, and the best way to do that is with personalized photos & videos.

Omega Block Edit Technology

Our cutting-edge, block edit and designs technically will ensure your design looks amazing all the time!

Free Sub Domain & SSL Certificate

We take web security seriously which is why every Christmas web design will be covered!

No Coding

Our Christmas templates require no coding at all. Just drag and drop your items where you want them.

Designed For Buy-In

The best part about having a landing page is the buy-in it creates for people involved in your church

Built With Ministry Designs Powerful Omega Technology 

Omega’s industry revolutionizing block edit technology is so powerful it will transform your website management from a mundane task into an exciting, life-giving experience that you look forward to performing.

Events and special services are a big deal for the church. You spend endless hours meticulously planning & organizing them. With this Chrismas Landing Page powered by Omega, you’ll get the most from that effort by fully and effectively communicating what’s happening at your church.

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You Covered.

Please feel free to give us a call if these to don’t answer the questions that you have. 

How will this save me money?

Actually, in a couple of ways. An average landing page can cost between $1000.00 & $4000.00 depending on the requirements of the page if built by an agency or freelancers. With the Ministry Designs Christmas landing page powered by our Omega technology, the design is already created for you. All you simply have to do is add your content. You are saving you both money & time.

Is there an ongoing hosting fee?

No. You simply pay $197 one time, and you can access the design for years to come. However, next year, you will have the option to purchase an updated design for 2020. But again, this will be an optional cost

How will people find my landing page?

On a subdomain. Don’t worry, this is simple to set up, and our support team will help. Once you’ve added your content to your landing page, we will map the site to your Christmas subdomain.

What additional work will be required?

None. We handle all the technical stuff for you all you simply have to do is copy and paste your content, and we’ll take it from there.

Will I have help?

Absolutely. Between our 24/7 support and vast video library, you’ll never be left with a question unanswered.

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